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Known as one of the tallest of all breeds. The Wolfhound’s long history goes back to antiquity and over the centuries has acquired a patina of myth and legend.This once fearless big-game hunter is capable of dispatching a wolf in single combat, Wolfhounds today are the most serene and agreeable of companions. By the time the Roman Empire had gained a toehold in the British Isles, the giant hounds of Ireland were already long established. In the year 391 the Roman consul received a gift of seven of these hounds that “all Rome viewed with wonder.

The desired height for a male dog would be 81cms (32ins) to 86 cms (34 ins) at the shoulder and weigh on average 80 to 100 kgs.  Females will run smaller, with a minimum height requirement of 71cms (28ins) and weigh on average 60 to 80 kgs. The rough, hard coat comes in many colours, including white, gray, brindle, red, black and fawn.

"King of Hounds, Hound of Kings"

These majestic hunters motto is
"Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked”

Breed Standards

Male Irish Wolfhounds

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